Ionic Liquids

Ionic Liquids Research Group

The Ionic Liquids Research Group is involved in investigating novel ionic liquids (ILs) and harnessing their unique properties in the development of pioneering clean energy materials and devices. Specific topics of research include development of an LILS (lithium | ionic liquid | sulfur) battery, development of a non-humidified fuel cell using a protic IL, electrochemical analysis of electrode active substances at the single-particle level, nano-structuring of electrode/electrolyte interfaces using template synthesis, and design of new polymer electrolytes using block copolymers and ILs.

We look forward to wide-ranging collaboration with others interested in exploring the use of ionic liquids in clean energy materials. In addition, we are actively pursuing partnerships with other research groups at YNU.

WATANABE Masayoshi (, Tel: 81-45-339-3955)