Ceramic Materials

Ceramic Materials Research Group

The Ceramic Materials Research Group is involved in research to enhance the reliability and performance of structural ceramics for use in energy equipment, chemical plants, automotive vehicles, and other applications.

Because of their superior resistance to high temperature and corrosion, ceramics are viewed as a highly promising material for energy equipment and similar applications. As yet, however, the range of application is limited compared to that of metals. The reason is that the strength of ceramics is severely compromised by surface cracking. The best solution to this problem would be to develop materials with the capacity to “self-heal” cracks that emerge during processing or service. To this end, the members of the Ceramic Materials Research Group have focused much of their work on crack-healing behavior in ceramics.

We are eager to forge partnerships for the development and deployment of new applications in this field of advanced materials technology.


TAKAHASHI Koji (ktaka@ynu.ac.jp, Tel: 81-45-339-4017)