Electrocatalyst Research Group

The Electrocatalyst Research Group is investing electrocatalyst for 1) production of hydrogen or hydrogen carrier, which is hydrogen absorbed material for transportation and storage of hydrogen, by utilizing the renewable energy, 2) development of non-precious metal materials for use in fuel cells.

Oxides of group 4 and 5 transitional metals are typically white-colored insulating solids, but their crystalline structural defects of oxygen yield a variety of interesting properties, and materials containing small amounts of carbon and nitrogen have been found to have an ionization potential close to that of platinum and catalytic activity to the electrochemical reduction of oxygen. This group is exploring the use of these materials for industrial electrolysis as well as oxygen reduction electrocatalysts in fuel cells.

We are also exploring electrocatalyst for Alkaline water electrolysis with high activity and highly-durable under destabilized power source, electrocatalyst and electrolyzer of electrohydrogenation of toluene by combining the membrane electrode assembly (MEA) technology of PEFC and the dimensionally stable electrode (DSE) technology using precious metals oxides for industrial electrolysis

MITSUSHIMA Shigenori (cel@ml.ynu.ac.jp, Tel 81-46-339-4020)