Metallic Materials

Metallic Materials Research Group

The Metallic Materials Research Group is investigating ways of using combined processes, such as microstructure control, surface processing, and composite engineering, to enhance the strength and extend the life of materials that can replace rare metals and reduce the environmental burden.

Our research topics include development of combined processes to control crystal orientation in TiAl alloys (which hold great promise for the development of light, high-temperature structural materials) or to take advantage of the anisotropic properties of energy-conversion materials; strengthening of materials through surface modification with fine particle bombardment to increase residual compressive stress; and extending the life of materials by enhancing the peel-resistance of coatings through plastic deformation of the metal layer.

We welcome wide-ranging collaboration with others interested in the development of high-performance materials by the combined processes of microstructure control, surface processing, and composite engineering.


UMEZAWA Osamu (, Tel: 81-45-339-3871)